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Google Drive, Backup and Sync, and Google Drive File Stream

For Mac and Windows users there are lots of ways to access files in Google Drive. You can work with document through the browsers or use the Drive App (recently revamped as Backup and Sync) to sync files in a … Continue reading

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It’s world backup day

Several years ago, I discovered that I had accidentally deleted my photos from my personal computer. Fortunately, I was able to use a recovery tool to get most of them back, but it was a bit scary and a lot … Continue reading

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Eight Fold Path to Cybersecurity

Some thoughts on simple things people using windows (in particular), can do to increase their security. General thoughts work for all operating systems. First: Don’t Panic. Cybersecurity looks insanely complicated, and it can be, but for most people changing a … Continue reading

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Increasing Browser Security

There’s been a rash of browser exploits the last year or two, mostly centered around Java, Adobe’s PDF Reader, and Flash. “Best Practices” (Best Practices really means “You should do this because I think you should.”) suggests disabling all of … Continue reading

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Encypting folders in OS X with encfs

encfs is a user level file system that provides encryption of files. It’s not the strongest form of encryption, so I would not suggest using it if you need very high security. It works with Fuse to allow mounting encrypted … Continue reading

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Creating and Managing Good Passwords

As cracking tools have become more efficient, what counts as a good password has changed. At the time of this writing, 14-16 characters is pretty much the minimum length. And many of the old schemes we’ve used in the past, … Continue reading

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